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Guarding Your Marriage without Dissing Women

May 31 2011
Women aren't disappearing from the workplace or ministry staff teams. How will married men adjust?

Another day, another high-profile sex scandal. Many Americans yawned when Arnold Schwarzenegger's extramarital activities hit the headlines two weeks ago. By now it's difficult to escape the fatalistic feeling that we've seen it all before and will see it all ...

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The Top 10 Posts of 2011 - So Far

May 27 2011
What got our readers talking this year.

Compiling top 10 lists give editors like me a chance to remember the good, hard work that has gone into their publications in recent days. Putting together the list below, the good, hard work that came to mind was primarily that of the tireless writers who faithfully ...

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Sex and Salvation according to Picasso

May 26 2011
Seeing the huge Picasso exhibit now touring the world reminded me of why Christians should make time for the fine arts.

Amid the press of daily demands, most of us think we don't have time for enjoying the fine arts. A recent visit to a Picasso exhibit reminded me why Christians especially should make time for it.

If Horace's adage is correct, that good art both "teaches and delights" ...

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A Horror Film about Childbirth

May 24 2011
In aiming to spotlight infant and maternal mortality rates worldwide, Christy Turlington Burns's No Woman No Cry relies on fear instead of facts.

You could say I'm passionate about birth. I delivered both my children without medication (the second was a water birth) and am trained as a doula. While I'm aware that situations arise that require intervention, even surgery, to keep mother and baby safe, I'm ...

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Schwarzenegger, Strauss-Kahn, and Power

May 23 2011
Why power is so often spiritual poison.

American news outlets have been aflutter with conversations and questions about the messy relationship between power and sex, catalyzed by the coinciding revelations about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's and former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's sexual indiscretions. ...

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A Sketchy Ad from Skechers Shape-Ups

May 20 2011
Do 7-year-olds really need butt-boosting training shoes?

A new ad campaign by Skechers takes its popular Shape-Up sneaker and markets it to girls. Skechers' line of "Shape-Up" sneakers was originally targeted solely to women but now includes men's and girls' versions. It promises to burn calories, improve posture, and ...

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Why Divorce Devastates Children

May 18 2011
Divorce pulls the rug out from under a child's sense of self, contends Andrew Root in 'The Children of Divorce.'

I begged her not to marry him. Our family members pleaded—all to no avail. She would have none of it. She claimed we were being negative, blind to all of his wonderful attributes. Only recently, after eight years of a tense and tumultuous marriage, after ...

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Lady Gaga: Where's the Outrage?

May 17 2011
What happens when a pop culture phenomenon becomes a 'religious experience.'

During her appearance on American Idol last week, Lady Gaga told the audience, without being prompted, that she wasn't interested in judging the contestants, only in bringing out what was special about each of them. "I want to free [my fans] of their fears and ...

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Gender Differences: All in the Brain

May 16 2011
Recent findings from neuroscience highlight why the church needs diversity in order to thrive.

Last month author Lane Wallace highlighted two new studies in The Atlantic, both of which offer new insights into the relationship between biology and worldview. In her first piece, "Are Liberals and Conservatives Hard-Wired to Disagree?," Wallace examines the ...

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Food Cleanses and the Integrated Self

May 13 2011
How nourishment illuminates the relationship between the body and other aspects of our humanity.

We live in a culture obsessed with food. Eating disorders, once the exclusive terrain of adolescent girls, plague populations as diverse as older adults, Orthodox Jewish women, and young men. On the other hand, the nation as a whole is experiencing an "obesity ...

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When Christian Teens Doubt

May 12 2011
Sara Zarr's 'Once Was Lost' beautifully captures the moment when an evangelical girl encounters the real world.

When you're a teenager, everything is the best - or worst - thing that's ever happened to you. This is the blessing and curse of the years from age 12 to 20. What can match the all-consuming passion of your first crush, or the devastating assurance that no one ...

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Beyond SlutWalk: A New Conversation about Sexual Assault

May 11 2011
Why Justin and Lindsey Holcombs' new Crossway book, Rid of My Disgrace, is the perfect conversation starter.

Last month thousands of women took to the Toronto streets dressed in lingerie and miniskirts. Calling their movement SlutWalk, they were protesting a police officer's statement to college students, after a wave of sexual assaults at York University, that "women ...

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The Happy Death of Soap Operas

May 10 2011
Social media and real-life drama have replaced soaps as the daytime audience's entertainment of choice.

When, last month, ABC executives announced the cancellation of two of their network's soap operas, devout fans of All My Children and One Life to Live panicked. They signed petitions and threatened to boycott ABC if the decision was not reversed. They may have ...

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For Those Grieving on Mother's Day

May 6 2011
How Christ meets women during a holiday that's often marked by unmet desires.

Mother's Day is a tricky holiday. Like any holiday, it is sweet for some and bitter for others. For some, it's both.

I remember feeling on the outside looking in on Mother's Day, first as a single woman and then after I miscarried our first. Our church had an entrance ...

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Churning Butter in Bonnets with Laura Ingalls Wilder

May 4 2011
Wendy McClure's 'The Wilder Life' answers why we all wanted to live the pioneer life of 'Little House on the Prairie'.

Have you ever connected with someone through a mutually loved book? Of course, there are many ways to love the same book, but some books inspire a similar kind of devotion in their fans. Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series seems to call forth reverence ...

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