Editors’ Note

Letting go is one theme of this issue of The Behemoth. We are all on a life-long learning curve, trying to “let go and let God,” as the common saying goes. Another way of putting it: “let go and let grace.”

That’s the message in my opening theological reflection, but it’s also present in our piece about the parting of the Red Sea. Biblical scholar Nicholas Perrin shows us the natural vehicles God might have used to perform this miracle. He also helps us recall how much Israel had to let go and let God in order to be free from Egypt.

The final two pieces touch on other textures of grace: the miracle of sight built into creation and the memories that a jar of buttons can stir up in us.

Grace is a multi-splendored thing.

—Mark Galli, co-editor

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Also in this Issue

Issue 15 / February 5, 2015
  1. The Ultimate Law of the Universe: Grace

    The paradox is that we fulfill it by letting go. /

  2. Windows of Vision

    The remarkable ways creation—God’s and ours—allows us to see what we cannot visually see. /

  3. Poetic Justice at the Red Sea

    A scholar explains what happened at the great biblical event. /

  4. A Jar of Buttons

    ‘from the floor of the Sea of Mending’ /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff

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