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Earth’s Cousin?

That is one question that nasa has been trying to answer in its various space voyages. The last few years it’s gotten a lot of information via the Kepler Space Telescope, which began collecting data in 2009. Since then, “the telescope has found over 4,000 planetary candidates within 3,000 light years from us, almost 1,000 of which have been confirmed by the observations of other telescopes.” Then there’s a piece that examines the impressive discoveries just last year, including an earth-size planet that resides in its star’s “habitable zone.”

Virtuous Science

In the beginning, “science and faith were tightly bound together.” So argues Ruth Bancewicz in her essay “Earthworms and Orchids: Why the founders of modern science cultivated virtue.” Even the infamously-rash Darwin was, in his study of orchids, as “careful and patient as any cautious Victorian could wish him to be.”

The Holy Crockpot

Another fine offering from Behemoth contributor Martyn Wendell Jones, beginning with

In western evangelical Protestantism, communion may not take place every week, but it is likely that a stealth communion does in the form of a Wednesday night dinner. Signs of health for the church but portents of poor health for the church’s members, these dinners are characterized by a reliance upon an old and dependable cooking tool for their success: the crockpot.

Amazing Costco

Man’s administrative savvy knows few bounds. What does it take to every week get millions of different products to millions of different customers, with hardly a hitch? We see this phenomenon spectacularly played out in megastores like Wal-Mart and Costco. And speaking of Costco, check out this video of some of the little-known facts about its business. For one: It sells five times as many hot dogs than all the major league baseball parks combined.

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