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Earth’s Cousin?

That is one question that nasa has been trying to answer in its various space voyages. The last few years it’s gotten a lot of information via the Kepler Space Telescope, which began collecting data in 2009. Since then, “the telescope has found over 4,000 planetary candidates within 3,000 light years from us, almost 1,000 of which have been confirmed by the observations of other telescopes.” Then there’s ...

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Issue 15 / February 5, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note
  2. The Ultimate Law of the Universe: Grace

    The paradox is that we fulfill it by letting go. /

  3. Windows of Vision

    The remarkable ways creation—God’s and ours—allows us to see what we cannot visually see. /

  4. Poetic Justice at the Red Sea

    A scholar explains what happened at the great biblical event. /

  5. A Jar of Buttons

    ‘from the floor of the Sea of Mending’ /

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