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Resurrection Mosses

“Will life-forms that can survive a century without water help us develop resilient crops for a drought-ridden future?” So scientists ask of Tortula ruralis, a moss that can preserve itself through exceptionally long dry spells, reviving within seconds of contacting water. Enjoy this beautiful three-minute video, and, while you’re at it, get lost in the whole Deep Look series.

The Secret Work of Your Sleep

That ...

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Issue 28 / August 6, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note

    Issue 28: Meeting an octopus, Wikipedia’s world, discoveries and poetry on Pluto.

  2. The Aliens in Our Oceans

    An octopus’s thoughts are not our thoughts. /

  3. Random Article

    I put Wikipedia’s promise of a comprehendible world to the test. /

  4. Pluto’s New Horizons

    Facts we learned—and stuff people are wondering about—from the exploration mission so far. /

  5. Pluto’s Heart

    ‘This cloud-tattooed heart / So carelessly worn / Orbits everything’ /

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