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Issue 33: Links to amazing stuff.

The Story of Sharks

If you have a fear of the sharks that reside in our oceans today, you may not want to click over to see what their predecessors looked like. But we think you’d miss out on a fascinating read: how sharks have survived many global shifts, the odd features of their ancient species, and the megalodon that “made the great white shark look like a goldfish in comparison.”

The Likeness of God

Realism in portraiture is not ...

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Issue 33 / October 15, 2015
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  2. Can We Farm Mars? Should We?

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  3. The Breaking with Dawn

    Can I have the meteor shower and the sunrise? Must a moment cost me? /

  4. A Ray of Light: The Timeless Life of a Photon

    The journey of 15 quintillion miles would seem instantaneous. /

  5. The Autumn

    ‘For every breath that stirs the trees, /Doth cause a leaf to fall.’ /

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