The Creator Is Closer

I too often forget that God sustains all he has made. /

One of the most beautiful works of the Holy Spirit (whom Abraham Kuyper calls “the one omnipotent Worker of all life and quickening”) is the sustaining of the world. Yes, he made all things, but both the Old and New Testaments clearly (and lushly) teach that he sustains all things, too.

In the same love that the Spirit bent and brooded happily over the unformed waters, in the same love that he spoke all things into being in harmony with the Word and the Father, so he sustains all things. This is the constant providence of God’s Spirit. He holds up all of creation, keeps all nature like so many plucked notes in a universal symphony, according to the laws that he has made. Inexpressibly complex music are we all; brilliantly simple.

Think of it. At no moment from our conception until now has the Holy Spirit’s ceaseless sustaining work failed to hold our inmost molecules in order. He is with us, with everything, the Weaver of all of reality, as present at every point of the warp and woof of creation as at every other, strumming the loom, shushing the threads into place. Mathematically, all points can be considered the center of an infinite plane, and by this all places may be called the Spirit’s home. He is as present with us this moment, keeping the nuclei of our inner atoms revolving, as he is in the farthest nebulae, in the most untouched crevasse of a glacier unexplored by human feet, at the fire and magma in Earth’s deep core. Sustaining, watching. In his own way, sanctifying all things according to their nature. Being. Making be. Loving. Being beloved.

Somehow, I numb to the wonder. I forget that every action I take in this rich and multiform creation affects countless other precious notes ...

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