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Issue 37: Links to amazing stuff.

What Caused Giant’s Causeway?

People have puzzled over this massive honeycomb-shaped rock formation in Northern Ireland for a long while—Irish legend says it was the result of a giants’ feud. But the scientific reason is even more interesting. Watch this video demo of a model set up by physicists who used x-ray tomography (on some water and corn starch in a coffee cup) to show how these impressive columns might have formed. You can ...

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Issue 37 / December 10, 2015
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    Issue 37: Children question God, how you beat your DNA, and keeping Creation together. /

  2. Two Hundred Questions a Day

    Childlike faith keeps probing, sometimes impolitely. /

  3. Born to Be Wild?

    Maybe not. Just because something is written in our genetic code doesn’t mean our body will read it. /

  4. The Creator Is Closer

    I too often forget that God sustains all he has made. /

  5. Ode to an Encyclopedia

    “Questing Beast of blue and gold, you were my companion” /

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