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Issue 44: Links to amazing stuff.

England’s Chalk Streams

“Chalk is an alchemist,” narrator Stephen Fry explains in this lovely video on the chalk streams of Norfolk, England. The spring-fed streams, which are mostly unique to southern England, form from water that has seeped through the ground of chalk hills (think: White Cliffs of Dover). The chalk purifies the water and infuses it with extra nutrients. “Water is life,” the old saying goes. Water filtered ...

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Issue 44 / March 17, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from March 17, 2016

    Issue 44: Walking Spain’s Camino, miscarriage and the universe, and a Good Friday groan. /

  2. Walk This Way

    Notes from a journey on the Camino de Santiago. /

  3. I, Universe

    What my miscarriage helped me see about my place in the cosmos. /

  4. Good Friday Blues

    The devastating, wordless groaning of one of the greatest songs of all time. /

  5. The Donkey

    “I keep my secret still” /

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