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Issue 50: Links to amazing stuff.

The Friendship That Built a Forest

These lifelong friends have both encountered severe physical disabilities: Jia Haixia lost his eyesight in 2000; Jia Wenqi lost his arms as a child. But together, they’ve made it their mission to care for their community in an extraordinary way. Since 2002, they’ve planted more than 10,000 trees around the Yeli village, turning what was once a wasteland of cobblestones and sand into a verdant forest. ...

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Issue 50 / June 9, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from June 09, 2016

    Issue 50: Lightning bugs, beating hearts, and golden spirals. /

  2. The Most Spectacular Firefly

    We’re drawn to animals that shine their own light. For one, it’s a group effort. /

  3. Mysteries of a Beating Heart

    We don’t really know how a heartbeat sparks to life. /

  4. The Eagle, the Shell, and the Sunflower

    The Golden Spiral appears all over nature. /

  5. Bright Angels

    “When I was growing up, / they were lightning bugs.” /

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