Bell, L. Nelson:Convictions to Live By (Eerdmans, 185 pp., $3.50). Practical and stirring essays that relate a distinguished layman’s faith in Christ.

Chafin, Kenneth L.:Help! I’m a Layman (Word, 131 pp., $3.50). A ringing appeal for every Christian to become personally involved in a creative ministry.

Elliot, Elisabeth:No Graven Image (Harper & Row, 244 pp., $3.95). A gripping novel that realistically depicts the strivings, compensations, and trials of a woman missionary.

Ford, Leighton:The Christian Persuader (Harper & Row, 159 pp., $3.95). The theology and methods of evangelism necessary for Christian response to the urgent demand for evangelism in our day.

Forsberg, Malcolm:Last Days on the Nile (Lippincott, 216 pp., $3.95). The story of the tumultuous conflict of the cross and the crescent in Sudanese history and the recent expulsion of foreign Christian workers.

Franzmann, Martin H.:Ha! Ha! Among the Trumpets (Concordia, 109 pp., $2.95). The Sword of the Spirit flashes in fifteen incisive sermons that call men to Christ.

Henry, Carl F. H.:The God Who Shows Himself (Word, 138 pp., $3.50). Vigorous essays that set forth the claims of evangelical Christianity in light of contemporary issues and competing theologies.

Henry, Carl F. H., editor: Jesus of Nazareth: Saviour and Lord (Eerdmans, 277 pp., $5.95). A symposium that assesses the riptides of modern Christology and shows that God’s revelation in Christ and the Bible is solidly anchored in history.

Hitt, Russell T., editor: Heroic Colonial Christians (Lippincott, 255 pp., $4.95). Biographical portraits of Jonathan Edwards, Gilbert Tennent, David Brainerd, and John Witherspoon showing their indelible imprint on colonial times.

Hughes, Philip Edgcumbe, editor: Creative Minds in Contemporary Theology (Eerdmans, 488 pp., $6.95). Informative introductions to Barth, Berkouwer, Brunner, Bultmann, Cullmann, Niebuhr, Teilhard de Chardin, Tillich, and five other twentieth-century thinkers.

Hughes, Philip Edgcumbe, editor and translator: The Register of the Company of Pastors of Geneva in the Time of Calvin (Eerdmans, 380 pp., $12.50). An unusual historical volume that shows the conflict between church and state in Calvin’s Geneva and sheds light on the Servetus controversy.

Jones, Howard O.:Shall We Overcome?: A Challenge to Negro and White Christians (Revell, 146 pp., $3.50). Straight talk from an associate Graham evangelist to white evangelical churches about failures in race relations and the unity of all believers in Christ.

Kallas, James:The Satanward View: A Study in Pauline Theology (Westminster, 152 pp., $4.50). A stinging indictment of those who demythologize Satan.

Kelso, James L.:Archaeology and Our Old Testament Contemporaries (Zondervan, 192 pp., $4.95). An outstanding work, well grounded in natural science and the history of technology and alert to parallels between the biblical and modern world.

Lindsell, Harold, editor: The Church’s Worldwide Mission (Word, 289 pp., $3.95). Evangelicals take a fresh look at missions in light of biblical imperatives and world needs and map strategy for future witness.

Little, Paul E.:How to Give Away Your Faith (Inter-Varsity, 131 pp., $3.50). An exceedingly helpful book on personal Christian witnessing.

Nichol, John Thomas:Pentecostalism (Harper & Row, 1966, 264 pp., $5.95). The best historical work so far on the turbulent history of this important movement within the Christian Church.

Pfeiffer, Charles F., editor: The Biblical World: A Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology (Baker, 612 pp., $8.95). An enlightening resource book on such archaeological subjects as geography, customs, literature, biblical personages, and significant excavations.

Pollock, John:Billy Graham: The Authorized Biography (McGraw-Hill, 277 pp., $4.95). A balanced biography that helps one understand why Graham’s life and ministry have been mightily used of God.

Scharpff, Paulus (translated by Helga Bender Henry): History of Evangelism (Eerdmans, 373 pp., $5.75). A substantial work that traces revival movements in Germany, Great Britain, and the United States during the past three hundred years.

Wenger, J. C.:God’s Word Written (Herald, 159 pp., $3.50). A Mennonite bishop-professor’s constructive work on the nature, inspiration, and authority of the Bible.

Wirt, Sherwood Eliot:Not Me, God (Harper & Row, 94 pp., $2.95). Fictionalized conversations between an ordinary American and God that reflect the human condition and relate God’s wisdom and love.

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