Time again for our annual Best Albums in Christian music, with six journalists teaming up to determine our favorite projects since December 1, 2002. Beginning with a list of 70 nominations, we gradually whittled it down to 12, based on creativity, talent, and broad appeal among the panelists. This year's dozen winners will surprise some, especially since only a few names will be familiar to Christian radio listeners. That's because the emphasis is not on radio singles, but projects that are consistently enjoyable for their entire duration. As such, we hope to introduce you to some extremely talented lesser-known artists worthy of a wider audience. Additionally, as a footnote, we've allowed each panel member to select one album they wish made the final cut, but didn't for one reason or other. Now, on to the Top 12 winners' list, presented to you in reverse order.


Starflyer 59
Tooth & Nail

Like a fine wine, Starflyer 59 just seems to get better with time. Never ones to put their musical career on autopilot, the band has grown seemingly more experimental with each album, progressing nicely from 2001's acclaimed Leave Here a Stranger. With Old, they combine their trademark atmospheric dream rock with classic rock and ambient effects. Lyrically, Starflyer uses abstract poetry to communicate their faith, reflecting on the past and life so far as they enter their 30s. This seminal Christian indie rock band may be growing older, but they're also growing wiser, and with that comes greater artistic accomplishment.
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How to Start a Fire

Further Seems Forever
Tooth & Nail

Yes, there is life after Chris Carrabba. The band's future seemed uncertain when their lead singer left to ...

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