One of my favorite musicals is My Fair Lady. About halfway through the film, the title character, played by Audrey Hepburn, makes a head-turning appearance at a grand ball. All eyes in the room are on this former ugly duckling as she floats down the main staircase in a white gown with the largest diamond necklace and biggest hairstyle I've ever seen.

It's all about transformation … and I loved every minute of it.

Our culture is obsessed with transformation. The media leads the pack with shows like The Swan, Extreme Makeover, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and MTV's I Want a Famous Face. I remember crying over a Home Edition when a farming family who has just lost their dad to cancer received a multi-million dollar home renovation, complete with two luxury cars, a new barn, and an indoor reptile tank. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

It's not easy to be ordinary these days; it seems that everyone we know is in search of over-the-top beauty or careers or relationships. We want it immediately, at the cost of learning something about how we can have lasting change by developing better habits, setting goals, and having self-control. It's easy to look like Lindsay Lohan when you have a team of plastic surgeons standing at the ready to suck the fat out of your thighs.

So, when the "Christian Music Makeover" came along, my band, Daniel's Window, saw an opportunity to use this obsession with transformation in a new way. The makeover's purpose was to showcase not only a physical and musical transformation, but a spiritual one as well. We knew the Daniel's Window audience well enough to realize that they would enjoy watching us get more physically fit, but that they would also get a chance to watch what God was teaching us about ...

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