Sounds like … the multi-faceted pop, rock, and funk blend of Maroon 5 with vocals similar to Sarah Kelly and, at times, Norah Jones

At a glance … though the message is pretty straightforward, Noelle Garcia's impressive voice and genre-spanning sound elevate Meet Me Where I Am above ordinary

Christian pop songs on average aren't exactly built on heavy theology. But then again, when someone is going through a particularly hard time, a treatise on the merits of predestination isn't going to get you through the day as well a simple, poignant affirmation of God's presence in our lives.

That's precisely what's refreshing about Noelle Garcia. Though she's not reinventing the wheel here with her songs of faith, the message is delivered with the conviction of someone who's been there before. With a gutsy rock 'n' roll delivery akin to Sarah Kelly, tracks like "Quicksand Ground," "Let Go," and "Away From Myself" are simple yet effective cautionary tales about what happens when we don't rely on God.

Drawing from her experiences as a worship leader for youth conferences, Garcia also has the knack for writing a well-constructed worship. "We Receive You" is a call-and-response affirmation of what God has done for all of us whether we deserved it or not, while "I Thank You Lord" reflects a poetic thank-you prayer that Garcia wrote "on a beautiful summer day."

Much like Natalie Grant's work with the Revolve teen girls events, Garcia also has a heart for the youth of today. When she's not performing, Garcia works as a Youth Ministry coordinator at her home church in Michigan, inspired by the issues teens are facing. Standout track "My Child" was written for those who struggle with self-mutilation, suicide, and depression. Rather than pretend to have all the answers for such serious matters, Garcia thought it was more important to communicate a simple but relatable message of love.

This sense of authenticity, along with a diverse sound that combines Maroon 5's funky pop/rock with Norah Jones' soft-spoken approach, makes Meet Me Where I Am worth checking out. As a fitting ending to an album meant to encourage people to live a life of significance, Garcia offers up a cover of Chris Rice's "Go Light Your World," a reminder of what our true purpose is as believers. No, it's not a complicated message, but then again, neither is the heart of the Gospel message.

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Meet Me Where I Am
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October 30, 2007
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