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Your responses to the September 2009 issue of Christianity Today.
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Calvin's Resurrection

Congratulations to Timothy George for his excellent Christianity Today cover story on John Calvin, the "comeback kid" [September]. Calvin's greatest accomplishment was giving structure to Reformation theology and proving it to be within the mainstream of historic church doctrine. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible, the church fathers, and the classical writers, and created a systematic theology that harmonized them into a consistent work. At that, he has never been bested.

As a man, Calvin's temperament left him ill-suited for a high public profile. Those of us who admire him take discomfort with some of those episodes. But in all things, Calvin trusted the consequences of his actions to the triune God. In that, we all can find someone to admire.

William Innes
Wilmington, Delaware

We applaud Christianity Today's fine issue devoted to John Calvin and his legacy and influences on Christianity. At the same time, we would like the magazine's readers to know that this year marks the 400th anniversary of Jacob Arminius's death in 1609. Very many evangelical Christians consider themselves Arminians rather than Calvinists, and look more to Arminius and his chief evangelical follower, John Wesley, than to Calvin for inspiration and theological guidance.

We the undersigned are members of the Society of Evangelical Arminians and are dedicated to preserving Arminius's legacy, which is belief in the unconditional goodness and love of our sovereign God. We wish that CT would publish a full article about Arminius and his theology, both of which are widely misunderstood and misrepresented, especially by our Reformed brothers and sisters.

Roger E. Olson
George W. Truett Theological Seminary,
Baylor University

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