The Year of Living Like Jesus
My Journey of Discovering What Jesus Would Really Do
Ed Dobson (Zondervan)

You're familiar with the genre: A secular Jew follows Old Testament laws for one year. A Brown University student spends a semester at Jerry Falwell's college. Now Ed Dobson, a pastor in evangelical Grand Rapids, seeks to live like Jesus—not the bridge-crossing endeavor we generally encounter in such books. In the end, though, it's not the lengths to which Dobson goes that make his book noteworthy; it's how little he must do to expose the shallow self-centeredness of much of our everyday faith.

Patron Saints for Postmoderns
Ten from the Past Who Speak to Our Future
Chris R. Armstrong (Intervarsity Press)

Chris Armstrong's biographical collection ignores the usual suspects—the likes of Augustine, Aquinas, and Bonaventure are nowhere to be found. Nor is his a white-dudes-only club. Instead, Armstrong profiles some oft-overlooked saints, including several women, and reminds us in a postmodern-friendly fashion that all history is biography, and that the past is more unpredictable, complicated, and instructive than the way it is often presented.

Deep Church
A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional
Jim Belcher (Intervarsity Press)

Jim Belcher is a Presbyterian Church in America pastor. He also was emerging before it was called emerging. That makes him part of a very small tribe, so small that he's probably the only member. Yet his insights into church life are broadly useful, and the balance he strikes between tradition and mission, certainty and creativity, could provide a way forward for many.
Books reviewed by Madison Trammel

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In Theaters

More Than a Game
Lionsgate | Rated PG | October 2

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