Rescuing Ambition
Dave Harvey (Crossway)

Dave Harvey of Sovereign Grace Ministries believes that ambition need not be suppressed but instead set free. In this pioneering book, he contrasts godly ambition with selfish ambition. Humans are innate "glory chasers," but our desire for our own glory shrinks our souls. We need God's Word to expose our search for counterfeit splendor and set our hearts on holy ambition for God that results in a greater passion for service in the church.

Hello, I Love You
Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood
Ted Kluck (Moody)

Ted and Kristin Kluck desperately wanted children and sensed the Lord calling them to adopt orphans. After a long and arduous process, they adopted two children from Ukraine. Kluck's memoir is written in the present tense, which makes readers feel as if they are on the journey with them. His sense of humor is on display throughout the book, particularly in the difficult moments of culture shock, red tape, and familial pressure.

In the Land of Believers
An Outsider's Extraordinary Journey into the Heart of the Evangelical Church
Gina Welch (Metropolitan)

How does a young, Yale-educated atheist find out about evangelicals? Gina Welch decided to fake a conversion experience, get baptized, and spend two years as a member of Thomas Road Baptist Church, once pastored by Jerry Falwell. Her story helpfully demonstrates that intolerance and insularity can be just as characteristic of the Left as of the Right. She also notes inconsistencies in evangelical theology and practice. Still, Welch implies that all evangelicals are of the Thomas Road variety, making one wonder how her story might have changed had she chosen a different church.

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