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June 2014
Volume 58, Number 5
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Table of Contents
Why I Gave Up Alcohol
In a rush to shed our separatist past, have young evangelicals forgotten to love their neighbors?
Abstaining Christian activists of previous generations were radically committed to the common good.
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What it means to be the apostolic church.
What gave me hope despite my repeated parenting failures.
How one experiment with 9,600 résumés showed that religious discrimination is alive and well.
A pilgrim’s progress through one of the fastest-growing sports in America.
Making Christian music on the "Roof of the World."
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our June issue).
Is Confucianism a rival religion? A moral system ripe for integration?
States are passing more restrictions on abortion than ever before. Some say it’s because they’ve surrendered too much.
Church and state rally to defend $700 million tax break.
Demand for sermons can stay strong even after the preacher's moral failure.
Are invocations worth it if it means city leaders will bow for false gods?
Why 17th-century poet George Herbert is making a comeback.
Not every story helps the preaching moment. Three views.
When we fear no one but God, we're free to really serve him.
Philip Jenkins remembers the religious passions that set the world ablaze a century ago.
A new biography highlights both their virtues and their flaws.
Must-read picks from Gregory Thornbury, president of The King's College in New York City.
Chuck DeGroat reveals his strategy for spiritual health while ministering to difficult people.
The lovable host ushers in a new tone for late-night.
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
In Every Issue
What has stayed constant during my 30 years at CT.
A needed corrective for cocktail-sipping Christians.
Readers respond to the April issue via letters, tweets, and blogs
How I became the first-ever Christian in my family lineage.
‘Evangelical’ Isn’t Code for White and Republican
‘Evangelical’ Isn’t Code for White and Republican
The movement is richer and more diverse than media portrayals suggest.