The Power of Our Weakness p. 40

[Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner’s] hopes for the future are commendable: working on social projects alongside those who support gay marriage, strengthening marriage, encouraging teenagers to abstain from sexual activity, and defending human dignity. But all of these must be Spirit-directed activities that originate in the gospel. Sexual ethics spring from believing that Jesus loves all unconditionally and is an advocate for every human being. Jesus died for all and is therefore the quintessential defender of human dignity. Gospel-motivated social engagement has the better hope of the gospel being passed on to following generations.

Gerson and Wehner mention the “Wilberforce Option,” but it’s a misrepresentation of this abolitionist movement. The abolitionists had zero tolerance for sin while implementing political change. The Wilberforce Option is not a social tolerance posture but a holy and restless striving to apply God’s will in society regardless of the decisions by governments and men in general. May the Lord raise up many Wilberforces in America, and may we be counted among them.

Gerson and Wehner too easily dismiss the importance of what we do sexually. . . . The sexual revolution is not just about the licentious freedom to follow our impulses among consenting adults. It is a radical revisioning of what a human being is, namely: a sophisticated beast that is radically autonomous, even self-creating, in a godless universe. Thus, we don’t receive or discover our moral framework. We simply will whatever morality we fancy. We will even ourselves, our identity. So, for example, children are not born boy or girl, but rather at some time choose to identify ...

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