The Rise of the Bible-Teaching, Plato-Loving, Homeschool Elitists

I salute Louis Marcos for his historically aware and theologically informed account of the Christian classical school movement. There is much we must conserve and restore in the tradition of Western civilization, and I thank the God of all wisdom for those working to that end.

It feels a bit anachronistic writing in 2019 to request that you not downplay the evils of slavery. Yet in your cover you celebrate Douglas Wilson, who once wrote, “If slavery had not been so pleasant an experience for the majority, this [slave] mentality would not likely have such a strong hold upon the minds of some of their descendants today.” This calumny on both those once consigned to America’s slave labor camps (aka “plantations”), as well as on those who have suffered through Reconstruction, the lynching era, Jim Crow, and now mass incarceration, is one of the milder pro-slavery quotes from Wilson’s published works.

Characterizing Wilson’s pamphlet, Southern Slavery As It Was, as merely holding “utopian views of the Old South,” while claiming it “condemned racism and said the practice of Southern slavery was unbiblical,” is an utter whitewashing of the contents and a whitewashing of Wilson’s views on the matter as a whole. This kind of downplaying of extreme racism in evangelicalism’s flagship magazine is very troubling and seems completely out of place with the anti-racist ideals that the publication has been trying to espouse.

The Third Choice

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