This strategic work in Southeast Asia faces continued pressure from the government, yet it continues to spread. Drawing on new technologies, the leaders have equipped hundreds of “hubs” across their region. In some places, they have brought the gospel to tribes who have never heard it. They’ve translated the Bible, for the first time, into the language of some of these people. Their video ministry is even reaching untold numbers of deaf people, helping them learn sign language, and the language of God’s love. For security reasons, we don’t divulge the identity of these brothers and sisters.

After watching this episode of God Pops Up, read the story of missionaries in the mountains of Papua, who face life and death in “The Land of the Clouds.”

Through God Pops Up, CT Media brings you stories from some of the world’s most dangerous locations. These stories feature people who are risking their lives to share the Good News. Although we have sought credible sources, for security reasons, we cannot cite those sources, show photos of subjects, or name names. In this series, we use animation to tell true narratives that encourage the global church, but we also seek to protect the people behind those narratives.

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