Christian / Church Events

1830–1831: Charles Finney spurs great revival in Rochester, NY; crime drops and taverns go out of business

1833: American Anti-Slavery Society forms, committed to non-violent moral opposition to slavery

1835: Finney’s Lectures on Revivals published; Alexander Campbell defines restorationist theology

1867: General Howard helps found Howard Theological Seminary for African-Americans

1865: Estimates of 150,000 conversions in the Confederate Army, and perhaps as many in the Union Army; Hudson Taylor begins China Inland Mission

1837: Presbyterian Church splits into Old and New School branches; Theodore Weld writes The Bible against Slavery

1840: Missionary David Livingstone sails for Africa

1843: William Miller’s predicted date for Christ’s return passes; Adventist churches begin to form; abolitionists within Methodism separate and form Wesleyan Methodist Church

1844: Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, assassinated; YMCA founded

1845: Southern Baptist Convention forms as Baptists separate over slavery

1847: John Humphrey Noyes moves his perfectionist colony to Oneida, NY; Mormon migration to Utah

1854: Immaculate Conception of Mary dogma; Charles Spurgeon comes to New Park Street Church

1855: Dwight L. Moody converted

1857: North-South division of Presbyterians completed; Jeremiah Lanphier begins weekly prayer meetings in New York City

1858: China opened to Christian missions; “Third Great Awakening” of daily prayer meetings across the U.S.; estimated 1,000,000 converted

1861: U.S. Christian Commission founded; Scripture and tract distribution to soldiers begins (over 11,000,000 the first year)

1862: Revivals begin in regiments from Georgia; Julia Ward Howe writes “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”

1863: The “Great Revival” ...

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