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Leaked Letters Expose Anglican Archbishop's Views on Gays

Rowan Williams indicates that 'gay sex' is comparable to marriage.

The Times of London has published online leaked copies of private correspondence, dating from 2000, between then Bishop of Wales Rowan Williams and an evangelical therapist, regarding the perspective of Williams on homosexual relationships and orthodox Christianity.

Granted, the views of Williams, now Archbishop of Canterbury, are pretty well established. But the significance of these letters reveal how Williams came to hold these views, which in part were based on his interaction with gays in the church.

The bottom line for me is that the letters illuminate why Williams has been unable to provide the kind of leadership that would resolve these issues over human sexuality once and for all.

He's attempted to support the traditional teaching of the church, but earlier came to the personal conviction that in some instances homosexuals may have relationships that are wholesome and marriage-like. Rarely, have his views been stated so plainly.

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