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Law & Order Takes On TV's "Most Persistent Taboo"

Surprisingly sensitive portrayals of pro-life views . . . on network TV?

You may be surprised at what many prominent women's groups are protesting as "anti-choice propaganda." It's not a new book, or a graphic display; it's a recent episode of NBC's Friday night staple, Law & Order.

The show, which often rips its story straight from the headlines, recently aired an episode clearly based on the murder of late-term abortion provider George Tiller. The episode, titled "Dignity," offered sensitive portrayals of pro-life views that result in two characters who originally take the pro-choice side to reconsider their views.

For one character, a police detective, it is the revelation that his partner was born two months prematurely after his mother tried to end the pregnancy that forces him to think differently about the subject. For another, ADA Connie Rubarosa, it is the testimony of a nurse who witnessed and assisted in late-term abortions and ultimately left the practice. After hearing the nurse's graphic description of a botched abortion that resulted in a post-delivery ...

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