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'There Are Still a Lot of Questions'

Chris Seay found Sunday's LOST finale satisfying on some counts, but not on others

Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, offers his thoughts on Sunday night's finale, "The End." (SPOILERS AHEAD). Seay says he felt the success of the finale depended on the ability of the storytellers "to weave these two narratives together, and I felt like the finale fell short in that. There are still a lot of questions [including] about whether the island is purgatory. It leaves us with a lot of pieces to put together. It just wasn't what the storytelling geek in me wanted." Seay does note that he enjoyed the spiritual focus, and adds that though he wouldn't want the show to be "Christian propaganda," he was somewhat disappointed in the mishmash of religions – "all these spiritual paths" – that showed up at the end. "To have all these religions literally laid on top of each other felt disingenuous, even a bit offensive." Check out the rest of Seay's comments here:

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