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Why They Struggle to Believe

What goes through the mind of a contemporary spiritual seeker?
While each person's spiritual journey is different, two rudimentary questions must be answered: "Who was Jesus Christ?" and "Were his claims true?" For most people today, answering those questions is a complex process.

In August 1995, Paul Braoudakis, managing editor of WCA Monthly, the publication of Willow Creek Association, interviewed two couples attending Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, who consider themselves spiritual seekers. Steve and Leigh Delisi, and Nathan and Mayumi Aaberg, are representive of many of the seekers encountering churches today. Hearing their questions and concerns directly gives us insight into the modern journey to faith in Christ.

What is your spiritual background?

Steve: I grew up with a strong Roman Catholic background. I was active in our church. I was a youth reader, and I worked at the priory, which is where the Dominican priests live. But I saw things I perceived ...

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