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Food For Thought - Aug 20 2007

Susan Perlman, associate executive director of Jews for Jesus and president of the board of the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association of North America (IFMA), once asked Billy Graham, "If a woman feels the call to mission, is gifted for ministry and leadership, and comes up against a solid wall of resistance, what advice would you give her?" He said, "If God is leading her, she shouldn't take no for an answer."

Therein lies the good news in this otherwise troubling picture. Lots of women are refusing to take no for an answer. And where front doors are being shut, they are walking around to the back and finding another point of entry. As a result, the picture of missions is changing today, and those women who seek will find that the opportunities to serve have never offered more excitement or challenge.

August20, 2007 at 7:42 AM

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