Gifts, not Guilt

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Of course, this doesn't mean I think we should say no to every and any opportunity that isn't a perfect fit. Parents are asked to volunteer for Little Lambs once a semester and I do it joyfully - mostly because I know it's temporary.

And there will be times when God asks us to stretch beyond our comfort zones and meet needs - and he will equip us. However, I think the best way to serve him is to combine your leadership skills with that that tennis serve and organize a tennis tournament to raise money for needy kids to go to summer camp or mix some leadership into that perfect brownie recipe and put on the best darn brownie sale your church has ever seen to raise money for the hungry. (Let me know if you're having one - I'm nine months pregnant and will pay big bucks for a perfect brownie!)

But maybe I'm wrong? Maybe my look at this is just selfishness. What do you think?

January16, 2007 at 8:59 AM

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