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Ceiling-Shattering Election Season

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A few moments ago, as I looked over my friend's Facebook status updates (if you're not on Facebook.com, these are sentences people write to tell everyone what they're doing, thinking, or feeling), I saw that each update sizzled with election fever. And what's not to be excited about?

No matter what "side" you're on, no matter which issues matter most to you, or no matter whom you'll vote for, we're looking at history in the making. And that rocks.

Last night many of us were electrified by Barack Obama's dazzling speech. This morning many of us were cheering on Sarah Palin - a governing mom! - as John McCain's presidential running mate.

And right now, we're preparing for a season of campaigning, which will mean mudslinging and nastiness, to be sure, but it also brings us closer to a day when a long-standing, though slightly smudged, glass ceiling will be shattered - no matter which candidate wins. And though I certainly have my preference (as I'm sure you do), in a way, it's a good day for everybody when these ceilings come crashing down.


August29, 2008 at 1:39 PM

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