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Merry ... Advent?

Why do we feel the need to skip past this season to Christmas?
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This was the Jesus the Jews waited for, and this is the same Savior we wait for today. We anticipate his first coming at Christmas, but Advent is also a reminder of his imminent second coming - when Jesus will fulfill all that has been promised. We have seen a glimpse of the peace and grace Jesus brought, but we wait with the rest of creation for the justice he will one day bring. We live in the tension between these times.

I invite you to take these next few weeks to ponder the mystery of Christmas. Even as you enjoy the holiday activities and parties, keep a still place in your heart to dwell on what Christ's coming means for us. Where do you see injustice and unrest in your life or in our society? How can you invite Jesus to be Emmanuel there? What does his willingness to wrap himself in human frailty teach us about his greatness? How is he speaking to you this season?

December02, 2008 at 1:01 PM

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