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Create a Culture of Mentorship

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? Begin an adult Sunday school course on mentoring, inviting potential mentors and mentorees (pardon the jargon) to learn about the good habits and dynamics for this type of relationship while meeting others motivated and interested in forming these relationships.

? Create a natural mentoring system within church leadership positions. Anyone who is new to a leadership role is matched with a veteran who connects with the newcomer on a regular basis.

? Provide some level of assessment, where potential mentors can evaluate what they have to offer, and potential mentees can evaluate what they seek from a mentor. This isn't used for matchmaking, but solely for the benefit of the individuals as they better understand their situations and look for the right chemistry in others.

? Shake up the church's small-groups ministry. Churches tend to build small groups based on age or marital status. Launch a batch of same-gender small groups deliberately mixing older and younger congregants.

What other ways do you think churches can create a culture of mentorship? What has worked - or not worked - in your own experience?

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January01, 2008 at 3:41 PM

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