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Food for Thought - Apr 27 2009

Who are you trying to please? For many in Christian leadership, the things we want to do, must do, or feel called to do get crowded out by the things we feel we should do. There are always more should-do's being shouted in our direction. The process of adding should-do's to your workweek, however, means you end up continually busy, with an emotional tank near empty. Why do we allow others to "should" all over us? For many, it's because our sense of worth is too fragile to handle disappointing others. We find solace in knowing others approve but guilt when we don't meet others' expectations. If the following statements sound like you, it's an indication your busyness may come from a fragile sense of worth.

-"I lie awake at night sometimes, worrying about someone I couldn't visit or perfecting my sermon."

-As the church grows, I get overwhelmed with everything everyone needs me to do."

-"I'm so busy doing everything that's expected of me, I forget sometimes what God called me to do."

What are some constructive steps or biblical truths that could free you from these attitudes?

April27, 2009 at 5:00 AM

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