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Kyria: Chosen Women, Called to Influence

When a friend asked me recently what I knew about a certain ministry for children (that shall remain nameless), I sent back a scathing email about how much I hated it as a child. How ostracized I'd felt and how un-Jesus-y I found the whole thing to be, in hindsight. About five minutes later, however, I sent her back another email, apologizing. Because I realized after sending it that in my very cynical and strange walk of faith as a child, I never found a ministry that fit me—that ministered to who I was and what I liked to do. So, I told her, she probably she should ask someone else.

Fast forward to my life as a grown up: my view of many church ministries hasn't changed much, frankly. I still find myself not fitting in to most places, I still feel like the misfit, and I still feel like I'm the only woman in the world who does not like crafts (though I know I'm not, since we've talked about this on this blog plenty before!). But it's not only been in church ministries that I've felt this. So often, I've looked at the publications for Christian women and wondered who on earth they were for. What kind of woman reads (or watches) this? I'd ask.

Though every so often, something amazing happens: I come a resource that makes me say (to quote my 2-year-old), "Now we're talkin'!" Which is what I thought when I first heard about GFL's new sister site, KYRIA.

As Ginger Kolbaba, KYRIA's founding editor, told me the things the site would include—a monthly digizine centered around topics that required some grappling and were intended to start conversations; a blog that addressed hot topics and reviewed products and did all things a blog should do; and articles throughout the site written by some of the best and brightest minds on topics ranging from practical tips to reflective essays—my heart started beating a bit faster.

Because KYRIA is for women who care about the world around them, for women who feel called by God to change the world they care about, for women like me and you. KYRIA gets its name from a word in the original language of the Bible. In Greek it means "honored woman." The epistle of 2 John, for instance, is addressed to one such "kyria," translated there as "chosen lady." They chose this name because, just like the biblical KYRIA, it conveys something about the place of women in the life and ministry of the body of Christ, his church. We are chosen, called, and gifted for ministry.

So head on over and welcome our new sister site Kyria.com. Let us know what you think!

September03, 2009 at 10:21 PM

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