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The Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 calls us to "go and make disciples of all nations." Only intentional thought and prayer will help me to understand this commission on my life and places of influence. I believe that making disciples involves the "as you go" about our daily life discipleship, as well as the intentional "going" to the far corners of the earth. I want to take that seriously.

Today, Jes arrived, early again. She plopped down her bag while my two-year-old bowled her over in a hug. She plopped down her bag, picked up my son, and sighed, my toddler hanging off her hip. "All my friends are off in the real world doing internships this break." I looked at her and laughed, "You don't get any more real world than this, baby!"

What do you think? What does mentorship look like for today's young women? How do we, as leaders, look behind us for the women that will shape tomorrow? Join the conversation. Join me—and Jessica—at GFL's Synergy Conference in Orlando, March 5-7.

January20, 2010 at 5:15 PM

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