October 2010

Casting Vision, Leading Up

Sue Miller is a pioneer among female leaders. She is a vision-caster, a people-builder, and a woman who knows—from the inside—how to change the church. Sue is revolutionized children's ministry in our generation, beginning with Willow Creek and expanding throughout the country with the publication of the book, Making Your Children's Ministry the Best ...

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Stepping Out: Guilt, Failure and Trust

Making the call about when and how to step out of a leadership role tops my all-time list of "Things I Hate." I would venture to guess that you've been there; that the struggle leaders face over when, how and why to step away—although circumstantially unique—are somewhat common.

Earlier this year, I stepped out of a role that played a significant ...

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Leading Confidently

One of the greatest monsters that I wrestle with in my leadership is being confident in the calling and gifting God has for me. I battle the usual suspects of insecurity, fear and the obsessive need to compare myself to others. These enemies to my confidence can get the best of me if I let them.

One of my favorite leaders from Scripture is Deborah. I love to unpack the ...

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Dare to Lead from Healing

Many leaders believe that to lead well they have to superimpose winning strategies upon themselves. In reality, great leadership flows from a healed heart. The best thing you can do for your "followers" (whether that be in work, friendships or family) is to run after personal healing.

Cheryl learned this difficult lesson when she worked for a ministry leader ...

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