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Shoes that Fit

Effective leaders learn to embrace who God has made them to be
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Admittedly, discovering your unique gifts can be difficult. It takes a bit of self-cognizance and God-awareness to recognize the talent and ability God's given you. But affirming and utilizing your strengths allows you to discover the joy of dancing in your own shoes.

Grow into your own shoes. My daughter has a pair of black patent leather flats in her closet she's been waiting to grow into. Every few weeks she'll try them, only to be disappointed that they're still too big. And every time, I assure her eventually they will fit.

Even as we dance in our strengths, life and ministry have ways of pointing out places where we need to grow. We work so hard to improve and keep checking to see if we've arrived, only to walk away disillusioned that we're not there yet.

The challenge in growing into our shoes is resisting the temptation to compare shoes with everyone around us. We're to grow into our own shoes, not those of another leader.

We can take hope from knowing that God is faithfully growing us into just the women and leaders he wants us to be. We need only to endure the temporary annoyance of slipping around in too-big shoes. God promises that the day will come when we fit perfectly into our own shoes.

As I tried to hide my insecurities from my predecessor, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "I think you're doing a fine job fitting in your own shoes!" Her words gave me hope. No, I did not need to lead as she did. I simply needed to wear my own shoes—shoes that fit!

Esther Feng and her husband live with their two elementary-age daughters in Central New York. Esther currently serves as development communications coordinator at MOPS International and is a freelance writer, blogging at EstherFeng.comhttp://www.estherfeng.com/.

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March22, 2012 at 2:24 PM

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