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Soul Care, Part 1

An interview with Executive Director for Engage International, Mindy Caliguire
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Then especially with the writing and speaking I did for those intervening years, it was almost frustrating because there is a part of me that loves to build things, and I would go and speak and I would leave. I would try to integrate what I was doing to serve what they were trying to build, but in the end you're a contract laborer. You come in and do what they need, and you leave. So I was mostly using the leadership to cast a vision and compel people into a different way of life, which is a big part of what I do with Soul Care. But I felt like I wasn't building anything.

That's what I loved about being invited to join the WCA. I was not only building things, but building some entrepreneurial things, new ways we could help church leaders lead for transformation. I was once again working with a team in an organization, and I loved that. But again it was a shift from more of a voice leadership to a structural leadership.

Now, in the last five months I've been asked to give some pretty strong leadership to a start-up subsidiary of the WCA. It's more like leading the start-up phase of a business, yet it's all about helping churches with transformation and leveraging technology to do that. So I find myself in yet another thing where I'm aligning different work projects, getting deep into some of the technology needs, developing marketing plans, having to handle situations with employees that are struggling. It's just a very different, more direct leadership role. I still do what I do on the side with Soul Care, but the essence of my formation message is the deep undergirding of everything we're doing.

Speaking of that Soul Care focus that you've had, how did God produce that passion for Soul Care in you? Where did that come from?

February27, 2014 at 8:15 AM

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