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34. Hotel rooms on the upper east side of Manhattan are unaffordable for many who travel there for chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. But William Hanousek, pastor of Bethany Memorial Reformed Church, helped pioneer a solution. The church, located across the street from the hospital, converted six of its rooms into lodging for cancer patients and their families. The suggested donation of $10 per night is a welcome relief from the local hotel rates.

35. Helping inner-city teenagers experience the Allegheny National Forest is the mission of William Coplin, executive director of Urban Christian Ministries in Buffalo, New York. In UCM's Wilderness Program, youth hear the gospel and learn discipleship, teamwork, and leadership skills as they go hiking, rappelling, backpacking, and rock climbing. Coplin says he wants the teens to realize "that there's a whole other world out there away from youth violence."

36. While leading classes in bread making, creation of desserts, and other cooking skills, Laurie Ingram, a Southern Baptist missionary to Belgium, talks about the Bread of Life. Ingram conducts sessions in private businesses and schools.

37. The Anastasis, one of three vessels operated by Mercy Ships of Lindale, Texas, docked in Togo and Madagascar last year. Together doctors treated more than 10,000 people on land and performed 898 surgeries on board, including 585 eye operations, many of which gave sight to children who were blind since birth.

38. Buses International turns old, yellow school buses into medical and dental clinics on wheels. Eight have been sent to Mexico, two to Honduras, and one ...

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