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February (Web-only) 2011

The Majestic Silver Strings
Do Christian Athletes Strike Out on Big-dollar Contracts?
Observers ask whether Albert Pujols' Christian testimony squares with his holding out for the largest contract in the history of baseball.
Of Gods and Men
A quiet, profound meditation on martyrdom, based on a true story of Trappist monks.
The Grace Card
Conventional Christian film gets emotional boost by powerful acting and character study.
How Said Musa's Case Got Attention (Updated: Musa Released from Prison)
Christian leaders had drawn attention to his case after he had been sentenced to death.
A Healing Journey
Life has been hard for Louis Gossett Jr. since winning an Oscar in 1983; his own addictions weren't much help. But he's found God and grace in recent years.
Somali Pirates Kill Bible Distributors
Scott Adam, a graduate of Fuller Seminary, was killed with three others after they were taken hostage.
Q & A: Mike Huckabee on Faith, Social Issues, and a Possible Run
Huckabee speaks with CT on issues like immigration and the environment, the faith of politicians, and a possible presidential candidacy.
The Magic Place
Best of Gloucester County
Level Ground
Overflowing with Compassion
Since having a few big years in CCM, Shaun Groves has been focusing on his work with Compassion International.
Vanishing on 7th Street
Shades of Twilight Zone and Left Behind can't overcome this film's problems.
The deeper implications are void because this thriller lacks thrills.
I Am Number Four
An alien with budding superpowers hides from assassins by pretending to go to high school.
Polling Evangelicals: Cut Aid to World's Poor, Unemployed
A Pew Research Center survey suggests evangelicals prefer the government spend on schools, the military, and police.
Subscriber Access Only Learning to Count to One
New math for those addicted to getting higher and higher in their churches.
Going Deep
The songs of gospel legend Mavis Staples cover 60 years of American history.
Through the Open Door
Love Riot
Do Egypt's Evangelicals Get Along with the Coptic Orthodox?
More than they used to, say observers and insiders.
Just Go With It
Adam Sandler. Vulgar humor and stupidity. Oh, and some rom-com sweetness.
Gnomeo and Juliet
Shakespeare, Elton John, and Garden Gnomes come together in a tale of love and lawns.
Subscriber Access Only Critics' Choice Awards of 2010
A stuttering monarch, a Facebook flick, and a truly gritty western top our list.
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Gospel of Christ
Why Egypt's Christians might actually be safer if the Muslim Brotherhood were a part of the ruling government.
Egyptian Christians Reflect on Moment in History
Born and baptized in blood, the Church in Egypt is hardly a newcomer to hardship, notes Egypt's Anglican bishop.
Subscriber Access Only Broken But Hopeful
Many 2010 movies echo the recurrent theme of Scripture.
The United States Needs an Ambassador for Religious Freedom Now
The Obama administration must send a clear signal to Egypt and the Middle East that they must embrace religious freedom in full.
See You
Crazy Love
Bright Morning Stars
The Long Surrender
Music for the Big Moments
Over the Rhine's fans have always connected with their songs, and with 'The Long Surrender,' that connection is stronger than ever. A conversation with Linford Detweiler.
Redeeming Bonhoeffer (The Book)
The problem with Eric Metaxas's portrayal of the German hero as an evangelical.
Egyptian Christians Join Calls for Reform
Protests enter second week as Mubarak resists ouster.
Subscriber Access Only The Most Redeeming Films of 2010
For the third straight year, a Pixar flick tops our list.
The Best Albums of 2010
Subscriber Access Only The Best Albums of 2010
CT picks the year's best in popular music.
Super Bowl Evangelism
Why Jesus did not say, "Market your neighbor as yourself."
The Best Ways to Help the Poor
The Best Ways to Help the Poor
A new book, building on three classics, fills out the picture.