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Throwing Inkwells

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a contributor to, an editor at, and a frequent writer for Christianity Today and a number of other outlets. A committed Lutheran, her column ran from 2009 to 2011.

Doubting DoubtSubscriber Access OnlyIn Praise of Confidence
Doubt is to be endured, not celebrated.
Flunking Pew's Pop QuizSubscriber Access OnlyFlunking Pew's Pop Quiz
Good thing the Last Judgment is not a round of Final Jeopardy!
The Parent of All VirtuesSubscriber Access OnlyThe Parent of All Virtues
Gratitude is also the one we are most likely to sabotage.
Subscriber Access OnlyFaith Unbound
Why spirituality is sexy but religion is not.
Subscriber Access OnlySame Sex, Different Marriage
Many of those who want marriage equality do not want fidelity.
Subscriber Access OnlyIs Cosmetic Surgery Immoral?
Even more importantly: Why do you want to know?
Subscriber Access OnlySegregated in a Whole New Way
A church family from the same generation isn't much of a family.
Subscriber Access OnlySin: The Rest of the Story
What the snark-infested news media just don't seem to understand.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhite Flag in the Mommy Wars
The theology that many parents are missing.
Subscriber Access Only'Honor Thy Father' for Grownups
Or, how not to be a deadbeat son or daughter.
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How Race Complicates the Latest LifeWay Debate
Challenging the Narrative: How Race Complicates the Latest LifeWay Debate
Black Southern Baptists weigh in on the issues around removing Sho Baraka’s album.
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