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Subscriber Access Only Tough Love for the Black Church
Thabiti Anyabwile, a Reformed pastor in Washington, D.C., offers celebration, critique, and hope for revival.
Subscriber Access Only We All Need Sexual Healing
Even followers of Jesus fall prey to our culture’s assumptions about sex.
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Subscriber Access Only J. I. Packer: How I Learned to Live Joyfully
A wizened sage named Ecclesiastes tamed my youthful cynicism.
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Maze Runner to God
Wrong turns and dead ends punctuated by unexpected grace.
Stinginess Is More Sinful than Divorce, Say Churchgoing Evangelicals
Pew asks Americans what constitutes a sin, as well as acceptable types of families.
Subscriber Access Only When Jesus Got the Bible Wrong
The Messiah made a "mistake" for good reason.
The Difficulty (and Beauty) of Vulnerability
Openness in personal relationships can bring pain, but it also offers unrivaled love and support.
The Biblical Meaning of Clothing
It takes on special significance throughout the arc of Scripture.
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Does Saying an Islamic Creed Deny Our Christian Faith?
African and Arab theologians assess the choice between martyrdom and survival.
Subscriber Access Only My Own Pilgrim's Progress
Summoned by God, I learned to follow him in trust and vulnerability, even when I felt displaced.
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Saved from Islam on September 11
As I looked up at the burning twin towers, life-changing words came to me—words I suddenly heard inside my head.
Subscriber Access Only Above All Earthly Metaphors
No one image captures all of God. That’s why the Bible uses so many.
Judging Who Is Worthy—and Who Is Not
Exploring grace and merit in reality TV’s "The Briefcase."
Subscriber Access Only Lamentations: A Bottle for the Tears of the World
What one of the Bible's most neglected books teaches about our cries of grief.
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Trying to Be All Things to All Women
My Christian Life, Part 3: The Feminist Phase
Annoying Christians, Intriguing Messiah
My Christian Life, Part 2: The Psychology Phase
The Church's 'Intersex' Challenge
How should we respond to those who don’t seem to have been created male or female?
An Exercise Called Temptation
Will you let temptation devour you, or will you use it to grow in righteousness?
Subscriber Access Only Jesus Suffers with Us—and We with Him
Even in our darkest moments, he is not going anywhere.
Conflicting Thoughts of Grace
My Christian Life, Part 1: The Formative Phase
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2322 ARTICLES
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Top Story October 6, 2015
Why You Shouldn’t Call That False Teaching a Heresy
Why You Shouldn’t Call That False Teaching a Heresy
How to tell which errors deserve the ultimate warning label.
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