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Dancing With Cancer
Suffering and joy are not mutually exclusive. God can be present in both. An excerpt from Peter's book.
Not So Common Prayer—to a Not So Common God
Our theology and practice of prayer are determined by our view of who God is.
Winter Makes Neighbors out of People
A prodigal daughter of the Midwest learns to love God more through a long winter.
The Gay Catholic Writer Who Changed My Life
Eve Tushnet taught me that living without sex doesn’t mean living without love.
Subscriber Access Only Why Knowing About Jesus Is Not Enough
The day reading Philippians revealed to me a deeper knowledge.
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Is Billy Graham an Evangelical?
Grant Wacker’s comprehensive portrait displays the tension between 'America’s pastor' and 'evangelicalism’s architect.'
The Ultimate Law of the Universe: Grace
The paradox is that we fulfill it by letting go.
Subscriber Access Only It's Time for the Church to Grow Up
Thomas Bergler, the critic of 'juvenilization,' wants to put us back on the path to spiritual maturity.
When You Don't Know What God Is Up To
Sometimes all you need to know that a gift is good is to know Who gave it to you.
Subscriber Access Only Tim Keller Found His Prayer Bearings, and So Can You
The Manhattan pastor steers us toward less clumsy, more confident conversations with God.
Why It Matters That the Exodus Really Happened
No less than Western law, the civil rights movement, and Christianity itself rest on the historicity of the biblical event.
Subscriber Access Only Life after a Medical Death Sentence
Theologian J. Todd Billings learns how to travel in cancer's company.
The Only Thing You Need to Teach Your Children
I will never be a perfect parent. And that's a good thing.
What Do I Get If I’m Good?
Raising moral kids in a culture of rewards.
Your Next Bible Will Be a Hologram
Microsoft may have just invented the future of intensive Bible study.
Died: Marcus Borg, Liberal Jesus Scholar and Friendly Provocateur
What evangelical scholars are saying about the theologian and his work.
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Tending the 'Stolen' Sheep in Latin America's Booming Bible Belt
Catholics may be fast converting to Protestantism, but beliefs and maturity vary.
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Miscarriage, and Our Love Affair With Euphemism
A excerpt from Peter's upcoming book, Blindsided By God
Roll Tide and Read Your Bible: Alabama Ranks No. 1 for Scripture Lovers
Southern states dominate annual list of Bible-minded cities.
The Greatest Hits of N. T. Wright
Why his new book is worth reading, even if you know most of the songs by heart.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2196 ARTICLES
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Top Story March 4, 2015
Let Kelly Gissendaner Live
Let Kelly Gissendaner Live
The Georgia Department of Corrections has done its job. She should not be executed.
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