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Seminary Is Not About Me
What I learned from Bible students in Rwanda.
Remembering Spiritual Disciplines
Authors David Mathis and Philip Nation discuss a vital subject.
Four Things Christian Leaders Can Learn from Ted Cruz’s Interpersonal Failures
Burning bridges will cost you in the long run.
Art and the Ultimate Investor: An Interview with Propaganda
Art is a return on God's investment in us.
5 Surprising Spiritual Benefits of Owning Less Stuff
Minimalism was meant to help our finances. Here’s how it helped our faith.
Things Our Mothers Told Us
Stories and advice from our interviews with moms.
Weekend Edition—May 6, 2016
Speaking for the vulnerable, China, church signs, and more!
Taking Aim at Worship
Why we need to re-orient our worship.
How Many Evangelicals? An Interview with Brian Stiller
Getting a handle on the global number of Evangelicals
Weekend Edition—April 29, 2016
Jesus' skin color, religion in school, hiring mistakes, and more!
What Jen Hatmaker Gets Right about Christian Love
Reactions to her message to LGBT people highlight how confused we are about love and repentance.
Going Overboard: How Our Panic Betrays God's Peace
When the storms hit and life gets real, he still proves faithful.
Dissertations that are Needed Today
Work to add to the body of human knowledge.
My Toddler Survived Brain Cancer—Here’s What I Learned
7 things you should know, from a mom who’s been there
Only One-Third of Pastors Share 'Left Behind' End Times Theology
Here's how 1,000 Protestant clergy disagree on the rapture, the Antichrist, and other points of eschatology.
Subscriber Access Only Responsible Freedom
Part of our job is to help you think well.
Subscriber Access Only Cover Story: Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel Church
Some visitors claim to be healed. Others claim to receive direct words from God. Is it 'real'--or dangerous?
I Was Addicted to Romance Novels
Then God asked me to start writing them, for his glory.
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Subscriber Access Only My Top 5 Books on the Black Experience in America
Pastor Bryan Loritts chooses 5 books to help evangelicals understand African-American hopes and anxieties.
Subscriber Access Only Jen Wilkin: Thank God I’m Not Like God
How his perfections make me grateful for my flaws.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2520 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 30, 2016
Why I'm Not a Conscientious Objector
Why I'm Not a Conscientious Objector
I can't condemn war in the way my Anabaptist friends so quickly do.
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