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No Such Thing As Convenient Christianity
Convenience is deeply engrained in American life. But it has no place in the life of faith.
Leaving Behind a Jesus Created in Our Image
People want Jesus in their own image, which is ironic because Jesus came so we could be remade in His image.
Heaven and the Theology of Butter
A Small Talk guest post by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
The Calvinist on the Bestseller List
Marilynne Robinson’s rich, grace-filled prose strikes again.
The Might and Majesty of Meekness
Why forgiving your enemies doesn’t make you a doormat.
We Are Not Enough in Awe of God
Why Eric Metaxas encourages a greater openness to miracles in everyday life.
Jesus Loves the Little Children
And yet I've resisted being like a child my whole life.
Subscriber Access Only We're So Vain
'Vainglorious', that is. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung examines an obscure vice that entraps us all.
Top 10 Books on the Protestant Reformation
A Reformation Day list, picked by historians and theologians.
My Son's First Brush with Racism
A Small Talk guest post by Helen Lee
Subscriber Access Only Saying Goodbye for Good
How to bid farewell as though our bodies mattered.
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Subscriber Access Only What a Christian Ethic Looks Like Outside
Beauty for the many: Why I side with conservationists over nature mystics.
Mark Labberton: This Is the Best of Times for Following Jesus
The Fuller Seminary president sees the church’s moment of cultural exile as a moment of incredible opportunity.
When We Don't Get A Happy Ending
Even when our lives don't go as we had hoped, not all hope is lost.
Subscriber Access Only Why Nigerian Health Officials Turned to a Megachurch Pastor When Ebola Struck
Outbreak highlights African views about God’s healing power.
New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies
Survey finds many American evangelicals hold unorthodox views on the Trinity, salvation, and other doctrines.
Subscriber Access Only Does My Local Church Have Authority to Declare That I Am Not a Christian?
A new Lifeway survey found that 9 in 10 evangelicals say no. Here's how Christian leaders responded.
Subscriber Access Only Blessed Are the Broke
. . . and rich are the financially desperate. Just ask my family.
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Subscriber Access Only When Punishment Isn't the Point
An excerpt from 'True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World'
The Softer Face of Calvinism
Reformed theology is more irenic and diverse than you think, says theologian Oliver Crisp.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2113 ARTICLES
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A Decision in Ferguson: How Should Evangelicals Respond?
A Decision in Ferguson: How Should Evangelicals Respond?
The grand jury has made a decision in Ferguson, now we have to make ours. How will we respond?
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