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Winter 2010: How Will They Hear Your Preaching?

volume 31, Issue 1

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Soul on DisplaySubscriber Access Only

Eventually your preaching turns you inside out.

Enough of Me Already!

It's time to find other ways to illustrate sermons than me, me, and mine.

Thumb Wars

Can text messaging and Twitter enhance worship or just interrupt it?

Elemental PreachingSubscriber Access Only

The irreducible qualities of gravity, light, and air give life to a sermon and to those who hear it.

Unscripted!Subscriber Access Only

Preparing to preach is not writing a speech.


What's Changing, What's Not

What's Changing, What's NotSubscriber Access Only

The trends that will be impacting your ministry in the year ahead.

Little Ads That WorkSubscriber Access Only

More churches are using Facebook to get the word out.

Teen SpiritSubscriber Access Only

Research indicates a youth group's effect lingers


The Everyday GospelSubscriber Access Only

Maturity doesn't mean moving beyond the gospel, but more deeply into it.

Neither Traditional Nor EmergingSubscriber Access Only

A review of Jim Belcher's book Deep Church.

The Limits of LanguageSubscriber Access Only

Communicating the gospel involves more than using the right words.


Courage is ContagiousSubscriber Access Only

The hidden benefits of doing evangelism in community.

3 Ways to Handle Problem PeopleSubscriber Access Only

Every small group has them. Here's what to do with them.

Digital Tools for Shepherding SeniorsSubscriber Access Only

Why you should bring your laptop on your next pastoral care visit.

Streaming MissionsSubscriber Access Only

Using Skype to give your congregation a vision for the world.

Bonus Articles

The Golden Canon Leadership Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only

The best of the past year.

Good News, Bad News in Raising LeadersSubscriber Access Only

Research on how well we're developing the next generation.
Losing Control

Losing ControlSubscriber Access Only

A pastor's worst nightmare leads to a new beginning.

Your Spiritual Growth PlanSubscriber Access Only

Developing life in the Spirit is a customized process.

Good to Great to GodlySubscriber Access Only

Corporate wisdom means "getting the right people on the bus," but spiritual leadership requires something more.
Facing Fears

Facing FearsSubscriber Access Only

Max Lucado employs preaching to overcome fear.

All Articles

Tying the Clouds TogetherSubscriber Access Only

Rob Bell's metaphors and references make his listeners stretch, but his wisdom for preachers is down to earth.

... As I Follow ChristSubscriber Access Only

Pastoral insights after a year of living like Jesus.

Finding Your Own VoiceSubscriber Access Only

Three preachers on moving beyond imitation.
Reader's Pick
Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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