Classic and contemporary excerpts.

Man The Magician

Science enormously emphasizes the unique status of Man. It makes him much more obviously the lord of creation, the measure of all things, the image of God. What it does not do is to give any guarantee whatever that this magician will use his powers well, that he will advance pari passu in moral as in material things. Put those two facts together, and you find yourself facing the two dogmas of the Creation and the Fall.

G. K. Chesterton

America, November 12, 1927

An Uneasy Confrontation

The late Professor Jacques Monod, the famous French geneticist and Nobel prize winner, in the course of a television session in Toronto with Mother Teresa, spoke of how in his opinion all our destiny was locked up in our genes, which shape and direct our character and outlook, thus destroying the individual. As he held forth on this theme, Mother Teresa sat with her eyes closed and her hands folded, deep in prayer. On being asked by the programme’s compère whether she had anything to say, she replied: “I believe in love and compassion,” and resumed her devotions.

As the Professor was leaving the studio he was heard to mutter: “If I saw much more of that woman I should be in bad trouble!”

—Kitty Muggeridge

Gazing on Truth

Blessed By Humility

Christianity is not one ideology over against other ideologies. It is a life inspired by the Holy Spirit. Its victories are nothing but victories over itself, not over others.

It propagates itself through humility and self-examination, not through triumphs.

—Paul Tournier

The Whole Person in a Broken World


Euphemism has its place, says this Anglican priest, but not in the Bible. His criticism of the New English Bible [for example] is included in Fair ...

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