Sounds like … a stirring acoustic roots-rock concert right in your living room, with hints of James Taylor, John Lennon, Jim Croce, and Bob Dylan

At a Glance … this Christian music pioneer, just beginning his fourth decade in the business, delivers one of his finest albums ever, a keeper for the longtime Stonehill fan and a great introduction to a legend for the novice.

Long before anyone coined the phrase "contemporary Christian music," Randy Stonehill was one of a few pioneers laying the foundation for what has since become a multimillion-dollar industry. More than three decades ago, Stonehill and a handful of others-including Larry Norman, Barry McGuire, Phil Keaggy and the band Love Song-began shattering the radical notion that the term "Christian rock" was an oxymoron. Instead, that notion grew into a movement, a movement that over the next 30-odd years ultimately would give birth to everything from A(my Grant) to Z(OEgirl). Thanks to Stonehill and a select few contemporaries, Jesus Music was here to stay.

It's fitting, then, that Stonehill begins his fourth decade in the biz by returning to his roots with Edge of the World, his 18th album. Stonehill's legions of fans have always enjoyed not only his studio recordings, but also his live shows. One of Christian music's best live entertainers, Stonehill has long been the quintessential troubadour, a roaming singer/songwriter traveling the globe with just his acoustic guitar and a passion for playing his songs. Those intimate shows have, in many ways, reflected the "true" Stonehill, and friends and fans have long hoped he would make an album capturing the essence of his live gigs. "People have asked me for years if I had a record that was more akin to my live ...

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Edge of the World
Our Rating
4½ Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
November 11, 2002
Fair Oaks Music
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