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Fraudbuster Busted?

LA Weekly reports that Barry Minkow is still having trouble with truth telling.

Barry Minkow, the former con man turned pastor turn fraud investigator turned Wall Street watch dog, is once again under the heat of the Los Angeles press. It was the investigative journalism of a couple of reporters who tore down the curtains of Minkow's 1980s stock market swindle. Now, LA Weekly claims that "court records going back nearly two years show that Minkow is again not to be trusted. ... A Miami judge in one of those cases says Minkow has no credibility, that he ‘will lie, plain and simple.' "

I wrote about Minkow for CT in 2006. At the time, he had uncovered roughly a billion dollars of fraud, much of it being perpetrated against Christians. And much of it was ongoing. In the Bernie-Madoff-type schemes he was uncovering, the scheme was still ongoing. People hadn't yet lost money, and no one had called the police. Minkow heard about these scams, saw his fingerprints on them, and investigated the deals while turning his findings over to the police. They, in turn, appreciated ...

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