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Another State Expands Religious Freedom

(UPDATED) Arizona follows in footsteps of Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Update (May 23): The Arizona state senate has approved a state-level Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which will "would allow people to sue over potential violations of religious freedom," according to the Associated Press.

Among other provisions, according to Religion Clause, "The bill allows a person whose religious exercise 'is likely to be burdened' to sue because of the impending violation, without waiting for the infringement to actually occur."


Kansas governor Sam Brownback has signed a new law that will codify existing federal protections in state courts, offering Kansas residents protection "from government infringement on religious liberties."

The Associated Press reports that lawmakers modeledKansas House Bill 2203–known as the Religious Freedom Preservation Act–after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which originally provided federal religious freedom protections in state courts. Although the U.S. Supreme Court struck down RFRA's ability to mandate actions by ...

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