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Among nations sending Christian missionaries abroad, rank of U.S.: 1

Number sent: 69,000

Among nations receiving Christian missionaries from abroad, rank of U.S.: 2

Number received: 20,000

Number received by Brazil: 27,000

Percentage of Christian missionaries who go to countries with a majority of the population professing Christianity: 99

Number of London churches converted to mosques in the last 20 years: 400

Number of Christian places of worship in the U.S.: 405,000

Number with no affiliation to any other group: 100,000

Percentage of Americans preferring to live where traditional family values are strongly upheld: 76

Percentage preferring to live where nontraditional lifestyles are tolerated: 19

Percentage of Americans who think caring for elderly parents is an adult child's responsibility: 85

Who would consider asking elderly parents no longer able to live alone to move in with them: 85

Percentage of elderly who have never received financial help from their children: 79

Settlements in U.S. ...

From Issue:Spring 1994: Worship
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