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When you hear the phrase "spiritual practice," or "spiritual discipline," what comes to mind?

Note:When you hear the phrase "spiritual practice" or "spiritual discipline," what comes to mind?

Often we think, and rightly so, of habits such as prayer, Bible study, solitude, worship, even fasting. Henri Nouwen once said that a spiritual discipline is something we do to create some space in which God can act.

This month in For Your Soul, Keri Wyatt Kent begins a short series of articles on spiritual practices. These are not offered up in a legalistic, "you have to do this" kind of way, but rather, offered as simple activities you may want to try, that may be helpful in deepening your intimacy with God.

They are simple activities you can incorporate into your life, to create some space for God in your life. You can easily begin practicing some of these disciplines by simply looking at the things you already do in a new way.

Do you ever find yourself longing for more of God? Wanting to experience the presence of Jesus in a fresh way?

Did you ever find yourself wishing Jesus would show up ...

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