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What Our Femininity Means

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The greatest compliment I've received was from one reader who, upon finishing my book, immediately wrote out two pages of questions wrestling with what it meant for her to be feminine.

What makes you feminine? Is it what you wear, your curves, your uterus, your make-up, your hair color, your beauty? Is it tied into how other people make you feel? Is it linked to being captivating or romanced? Is femininity what you do? What if all the roles you play, from daughter to sister to aunt to wife to mother to grandmother were stripped away? What if you lost your right breast to cancer? What if you discovered you were infertile? Are you still feminine?

If femininity is a unique badge of honor from our God, a way we mirror our God on earth, we don't need to remain ignorant or afraid of what femininity might mean for us.

God called Woman a very good thing. It's time to discover why.

November20, 2007 at 11:05 AM

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