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Bold Forgiveness

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My path to forgiveness began with prayer for myself and my offender. Every thought of her prompted me to pray, although it was hard. I focused my Bible reading and worship on Christ's death on the cross. Mentally I pictured the offense nailed there.

The next step came by surprise. A few months later I saw my offender in a store, although she didn't see me. I felt like hiding in another part of the store until she left, but the Lord convicted me to initiate a conversation with her. As our conversation ended, the Lord impressed me to hug her. After an inward struggle I chose to obey and silently breathed a prayer for her as we embraced. The hug became a redeeming action that resulted in a supernatural freedom to love this woman unconditionally. Love triumphed.

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August26, 2008 at 12:18 PM

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