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We Can’t All Be Beth

I’m called to oversee the corner of influence God has given me

This new vision of mine is rooted in a more healthy understanding of the Body of Christ. While the Beth Moores of the world are wonderful gifts to the church, 1 Corinthians 12 reminds us that we can't all be Beths. We can't all be Beths any more than the human body can be composed of all ears. Instead, God designed the church with beautiful diversity in which each part is unique and incredibly valuable. Without every single member of the body doing its part, the body is handicapped. It cannot function the way it should.

Now your story probably is different from mine. Perhaps there is another person you aspire to be like, or another area of ministry, workplace, or culture where you want to excel. But perhaps, like me, you have experienced disappointments when you were not as successful as you thought you might be. Perhaps your life hasn't turned out quite the way you envisioned.

If that is your story, then take heart in remembering your role in the Body. Your story, your gifts, and even your failures have all worked to make you the unique human being you are, and Scripture tells us that your role matters. No matter how visible or how far behind the scenes, you play a vital role in serving the Kingdom of God, and we would be a crippled body without you.

Whatever your gift and whatever your role, let me exhort you to steward them with excellence. Give your role the kind of weight God gives it, not as one who is out for self-glory, but as one who knows that God created you for a purpose. Whatever your role, your voice, or your cause, it matters. We need you!

Sharon Hodde Miller is a blogger, freelance writer, and PhD candidate who lives in the Chicago area. You can find her at her blog, She Worships.

November26, 2012 at 8:00 AM

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